Dear customers and friends,

Just as some other restaurants have chosen to do, we at Il Divo will be closing for a minimum of two weeks starting Monday March 16th.
We believe this is the best way to ensure the safety of our staff and our guests.

We hope for you and your loved ones to stay safe.
We will make updates as the situation progresses and look forward to welcoming you soon.

Our Story

After 15 years of success at his first restaurant in Milan, called Al Valentino, Italian restauranteur Antonio Sinesi now opened his second location dedicated to the movie star Rudolph Valentino.

For his entire life, Antonio has worked at restaurants, working his way up the industry ladder, starting as a waiter, to maître d’, to general manager in Milan, Edinburgh, and London, and in Restaurants such as Savini, Peck and Ribot in Milano.